We have preliminary designs! We have been working with the architects at Ellipsis to develop the best design possible for our Fraternity House, and things are looking great. Paul Tebben has put together an exceptional plan for the House that has maintained the historical integrity of the building while maximizing the utility of the space for the fraternity's needs. As you can see below, the entryway remains very similar to the original design, with the grand staircase anchoring the space. The dining room has filled the middle of the House, creating an open space focusing on the centrality of dining and socializing.
The redesigned basement is the most radical re-envisioning of the House. This newly useful space will most likely become the focal point of most of the chapter's studying and recreation, minimizing noise levels in the rest of the House. The added space will be a huge benefit to the brothers, making living in the House much more comfortable with the greater number of brothers in the chapter. 
The second and third floors retain some of the classic elements of the House while reorganizing some rooms for the best use of space. The second floor has a large communal bathroom and shower space. This floor will most likely be for underclassmen.
The third floor will be populated by upperclassmen and cabinet. There are several singles, and the shared bathrooms are part of suite style living spaces. All the bedrooms will contain modular furniture, similar to the dorms.
We believe these designs preserve the best historical aspects of the Breasted House while rehabilitating it to properly suit the needs of the modern fraternity. We hope that all our graduate brothers feel the same way.