The moment had finally arrived. As the undergraduates stepped into their new House for the first time, they could tell that there was plenty of work yet to be done. But that did not matter to them. What mattered was that this was there House again, a place they could finally call home. Over half the fraternity showed up on that cold, morning of January 2nd, 2017 to help move 25 bedroom sets of furniture, and their excitement was palpable. There were a handful of graduates helping who shared their enthusiasm. Even as the rain began to pour and the couches and beds grew heavier in their weary arms, the young men's energy did not diminish. 
It was a hard day of work, but all of the labor was worthwhile. Just like the Revitalize Chi Upsilon campaign. We should take pride in the fact that our chapter lives in the House that we called home, central to campus, in the home of one of the University of Chicago's greatest professors. Now, we will be able to say that they have one of the finest accommodations on campus.
We have come a long way in this project, and the Chapter and the House have changed quite a bit through out the years. There have been ups and downs, and in the House's case, many more downs in recent years. We are finally restoring our once proud House to its former glory. In fact, it will be far better and more functional as a Fraternity House in its new form. As you can tell from some of the pictures above, though, we are not yet finished.

We need our graduate's support to complete this project. We have less than a quarter of a million dollars to complete our fundraising goal, and we have just over 100 brothers who have given to the campaign. That means there are still more than 700 brothers who have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to a project that was so important. The Chapter is a reflection of the character of those who built and maintained it. So, if we want to have undergraduate brothers who care about the House and live the ideals of Phi Gamma Delta, then we too must do so. The best way to show this is to support Revitalize Chi Upsilon.
We cannot finish this project without all of your help. A new era is just beginning in the Chapter. It is up to us to decide if we want to help make it the best fraternity it can be or ignore it and let it rot and decay. Let's make the right choice.