Construction is about to begin on the Fraternity House. After a few weeks of drawing plans, Ellipsis architects put us in contact with Quaker Windows and Doors. Quaker is going to create custom modern energy efficient windows to replace the old, dilapidated windows. For those concerned about historical authenticity, Quaker is designing the windows to meet the specifications of the Landmarks department in the City of Chicago. 

We have contracted with Highland Developers to oversee the exterior project. The project has been broken into exterior and interior because of the City of Chicago's permitting process. The exterior permitting can be expedited due to easy review procedures if it is separate from the interior. The exterior permits have been submitted to the city, and we anticipate that we will have approval around the end of March. Once we have approval, we can begin the masonry and roof repair. Then, as soon as the windows are manufactured, they will be installed.

The cost all of this exterior work is well within our budget. We are still waiting for the final plans for the interior work, which we should get in the next few weeks. Once those plans are complete, we can begin bidding out the rest of the work. When we have numbers on that, we will be able to submit those plans to the city for the permitting process. If the quality of work and costs prove to remain competitive, we hope to continue our relationship with Highland Developers for the interior work. 

If you have any other questions about the project. feel free to contact Rob Tamillow.