Now that the work upstairs is complete and the brothers have moved in, we have been focusing on completing the main levels of the House. This is where the beauty of the newly refurbished House will truly shine. There was a bit of a delay between the completion of the upper floors and the lower ones due to the city's approval process, but we have managed to get everything framed and covered in drywall.
From the pictures, it's obvious that there is still a bit of a mess. However, this week, everything will be cleaned out and the tile will begin to be laid throughout the kitchen, dining room, and foyer. Then, the parlor room and library will get their flooring. As soon as that is done, we will proceed to finish the woodwork around the walls. When it is complete, it will be a masterpiece. 

Though not as ornate, but no less exciting, the basement will come next. It will get a beautiful and durable vinyl tile. The two new bathrooms, laundry room, office, and chapter room, along with the enlarged multipurpose space, will help the basement serve as the most prominent social space in the House. The Chapter room, being name in honor of brother Jim Vice, is quite possibly the most stunning feature. Enlarged to accommodate the much more populous Chapter, it will be a wonderful place for ritual, and will feature prominently in the minds of brothers for years to come.

We are doing are best to get this project complete so the brothers can have the chance to enjoy all the new features of the House. We hope that all of you will be able to do the same.