The renovation of our Fraternity House is progressing swiftly, contrary to the glacial efforts to begin the process. All the exterior permits approved (windows, masonry, and roofing), as well as the interior demolition. The deposit has been put down for the windows, so they should be queued up in the manufacturing process and will be ready in 8 to 12 weeks. The masonry work is now in its final stages.
The interior demolition is also almost completed. The second and third floor have been totally opened up, as you can see.
The first floor has been mostly gutted, except for the historic design and ornamentation that we are retaining. The back stairs and the old utility closet will soon be only a distant memory.
Although watching the House get torn apart is bittersweet, there have been some wonderful surprises. We have found quite a few historical artifacts hidden behind walls, including checks from 1943! We will report on them when we have had time to review everything. The best thing about this destruction, though, is knowing that rebirth will follow.

When the tuck pointing is finished sometime next week, the roof work will begin. The city is in the process of reviewing the interior plans and has already given us a few minor change requests. The plans continue to move through the departments, and everything looks like it will work out favorably. Once, we get approval, the rebuilding will begin. Keep checking back to see the progress we make as we Revitalize Chi Upsilon!

Ground was broken on the Fraternity House renovation on Friday, April 1st. It has been so long in coming that it almost seemed like an April Fools prank. The masonry permit was approved, along with the demolition permit, so Highland Developers, our contractor, went to the site to begin removing obstructions to allow the tuck pointing to begin. As you can see, all the ivy has been removed from the front of the House.

The interior demolition started today. The bedrooms on the third floor are the first to get torn up. The work will start at the top and go down floor by floor. It's not pretty right now, but it is the necessary first step to restoring our House to its original beauty. 

The demolition should be finished in about 2 weeks. During this time, the masonry work will proceed as well. The brickwork should be fully refurbished in two to three weeks, and then work on the roof will begin.

It's nice to imagine the House restored to pristine condition, but it's even better to consider the changes that will be made to improve the facility. One of the changes is already evident. There will be a door leading from the kitchen directly onto the back deck. This will help facilitate outdoor gatherings and meals.
It's hard not to get excited about what's happening to our Fraternity, but the work has only just begun. This is a momentous chapter in Chi Upsilons history, but it is also a challenging one. Our anonymous matching donor has just contributed his first $250,000, but we still have a ways to go before we meet the match. We need to raise another $400,000, and the work won't get finished if we don't have everyone's support. So, please help create another great era in our chapter by contributing to the Revitalize Chi Upsilon Campaign!