We're almost there! The first floor and the basement are nearing completion. With the tile laid in the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom on the first floor, the kitchen cabinets were able to get installed and the wood panelling is going up.
The library is in the process of getting the wood floors installed, which will be followed by the bookcases and fine carpentry. When all this is finished, the first floor will retain all its historical elements and even have them expanded throughout the floor. 

The brothers are especially looking forward to the basement. They have already held meetings in the Chapter Room, which can accommodate over 70 brothers comfortably. The basement bathrooms are being tiled, the laundry machines have been installed, and the flooring is being laid. Soon, the undergraduates will have access to a much improved and expanded facility.
The graduate board commends the brothers on their patience and persistence during this process, and we greatly appreciate the strength that the Chapter has shown during this project. We are all very happy that we will be finished with the interior construction of the House by Pig Dinner. We hope to see many of you there, and we look forward to sharing the House with all the Fiji brothers at the University of Chicago.