Our Fraternity House is beginning to take shape. The first studs were being put in Wednesday. The back area of the third floor was already finished, and the walls gave a glimpse of the suite style living that will be available in the newly renovated upper level. 
On the second floor, the plywood is being laid to level the floors and create a smooth, flat surface.
It was a little jarring to see some of the joists on the second floor and third floor removed. They have to replace the joists where the main bathrooms were because they were too rotten to support the floors. While it was a bit disturbing to see giant holes in the floor of the house, it is another assurance that we could not wait any longer for this project. When everything is completed, we will have a safe, healthy, and beautiful House for our Chapter, undergraduates and graduates alike!
Work has once again begun on the Fraternity House project. After some delays due to the Zoning approval process, the board decided to modify the existing plans to break off the basement expansion as a separate project. We finally received our permit on Monday, August 8th. Now, we are ready to start building!

The masons have been working on the final interior brickwork this week, and they should be finishing all their work by the end of next week. The interior carpentry should begin on Monday, August 22nd at the latest, with a materials delivery scheduled for this Friday. By the end of next week, enough of the rough carpentry should be finished to begin putting the windows in. We are finalizing bids for the Heating and air conditioning, plumbing, insulation, and electricity. All that mechanical work should begin the week August 29th. 

We will give updates as we make more progress. We appreciate everyone's support in helping to make this a great project!