It has taken quite awhile, but our House has finally gotten a face lift. With the new windows installed, things are looking far brighter. But the exterior is not the only place that has had major improvements. The mechanicals are all being installed very quickly. The majority of the rough electrical and plumbing has been installed on the second and third floors, and the duct work is almost totally complete.
The renovation is moving quickly, despite the delay from the city. We had a meeting with our neighbors on September 13th to discuss the original basement plans, and unfortunately, after contacting them, we reached an impasse. So, we are moving forward with the renovation in the existing footprint and will explore other options to increase space, such as an accessory building.

We thank everyone for their support of this project, but we have yet to reach our fundraising goal and complete this project. It is going to take even more support to ensure that we accomplish what we need to do. The undergraduates have been very helpful through this process and our greatly looking forward to living in the House once again. It is our responsibility as graduates to make sure that happens.