The day has finally come to close down the House. Our beautiful, historic Fraternity House was cleaned out during the summer and boarded on November 20th. This is just the first step in rehabbing this beloved building.

The Chi Upsilon Alumni Association has engaged ELLIPSIS Architecture  + Design to draw plans for our House and lead the project. Founder Paul Tebben is a talented architect who has done extensive work in Chicago, particularly in the Hyde Park area. We are excited to have him on board. He has an article on his website related to our project here. Right now, we are in the design stage, and we will begin the permitting process before the new year so that we can stay on track to complete the project before next Fall Quarter. 

With the help of brother Rob Quaco '94, we will be redesigning the interior so that we can maximize the utilization of the whole House for the undergraduates. Rob runs Q-Real Estate Partners, LLC (, a real estate investment and project management company in the New York area, and we are glad to have a talented Fiji to help make this project as top notch as possible while keeping the costs within reason. Rob and Paul will ensure that we maintain the historic character of the House while updating it to serve the needs of our Chapter in the 21st century. 

We will continue posting pictures as the work progresses. The House is in rough shape right now, but the Revitalization process is only beginning. Please reach out to any members of the steering committee if you would like to make a commitment to the project. We need everyone's support to make it a success!