Our Fraternity House is beginning to take shape. The first studs were being put in Wednesday. The back area of the third floor was already finished, and the walls gave a glimpse of the suite style living that will be available in the newly renovated upper level. 
On the second floor, the plywood is being laid to level the floors and create a smooth, flat surface.
It was a little jarring to see some of the joists on the second floor and third floor removed. They have to replace the joists where the main bathrooms were because they were too rotten to support the floors. While it was a bit disturbing to see giant holes in the floor of the house, it is another assurance that we could not wait any longer for this project. When everything is completed, we will have a safe, healthy, and beautiful House for our Chapter, undergraduates and graduates alike!


Its really important to have a healthy and peaceful environment during student life. And combine studies are very famous and also useful for students they can help each others. very beautifully has taken that photos and gave details.


This is a great post. One of the post important things about making a great school is the environment of the place. This will make a big outcome of the students that will be studying in a certain school. I like that you keep in mind the things that will make some distractions of a student if you don't make a organize and clean facilities for the students. Progressing like this will do you have a chance to have a successful school. Keep up the good work.


These frameworks are really intricate. It is definitely not made by an inexperienced artist. I would like to learn more on how to make intricate woodworks like the ones I saw here. Function is more important than form. If a frame is successful with its purpose, then it can really make a strong house. It can resist wear and tear.

07/18/2017 10:27pm

That's a nice re-shaping of the fraternity house. I am very excited on the outcome of this project. I hope by this you will encourage more participants to join you in the future, keep on improving your facilities to welcome others. Having a good environment and utilities will help you boost the image of your organization/school, because with that you will gain the trust of the people. I hope the renovation will finish soon, and then I'll definitely check out the results of it.

12/22/2016 1:34am

Good to know that they had started the framing of that wood house in a very little time, and i hope that they would definitely complete the whole structure of that house in a month or two.

02/02/2017 11:35pm

Is your house very large? When are you planning to finish it?

03/18/2017 3:50am

Hello sir, after I read the article you get to the bottom, It is very interesting to look at, it can provide benefits, and also the lessons, I really like it.


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