Things are moving very quickly on our House renovation project. At the beginning of the week the third level was completely framed and and the second level was still getting sub-flooring and just beginning to get framed. As of Friday, both the third and second levels are 95% complete. Going through the walls of studs, you no longer need to imagine the potential of the House because you can see it. 

Here are some photos of the third floor.
Here are some of the second floor.
Next week, framing will begin on the first floor and the basement. Then, by the middle of next week at the latest, the mechanical will begin. The plumbing, electrical, and heating ducts will all be installed over the next several weeks. Although I'm sure there are some brothers who cannot imagine our Fraternity House without leaking pipes and paper insulated wiring, transporting the House into the 21st century is exciting.

On Tuesday, September 13th, several graduates and undergrads will be meeting with the neighbors of the co-op to the north of our House facilitated by the alderman. We hope to have a productive meeting to discuss the basement expansion. We will continue to press this project on in a timely manner and ensure that we get an exceptional finished product. We thank everyone for their continued support in our efforts to revitalize Chi Upsilon.


12/03/2016 5:30pm

I wonder how many rooms and bathrooms does your house have. It is a tough job to design houses. I have several projects to design this year and hopefully, the owners would like my design. It is gonna be stressful and tiring too. That is why I am researching for ideas and and tips, so I can do a job well done.


So that’s how you do the wood wall framing. Is it cheaper than using channels and studs for framing? I’ve observed that one of your photo shows covering that chimney. Aren’t you going to have a common room with a chimney? Or you’re going to have the entire house electronically heated? I can still see how some of your floor framings and joists are intact and in very good condition. Please keep on preserving and maintaining that old building.

03/08/2017 2:27am

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03/20/2017 2:51am

Can't understand now what will be in the end) So I'm waiting for your next posts!

04/03/2017 1:01am

Nice! Want to look at this with walls and all the needed work done ;) Hope you will share some pics with us ;)


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