Things have been progressing quite nicely at the Fiji House. We have passed the inspections for both the electrical and plumbing, and we will soon be ready to start closing up the walls. And the duct work is complete and just waiting for the inspectors to come. The days of sparking outlets, dripping ceilings, and freezing cold rooms are long gone!
On Friday, as soon as the inspections had passed, the insulation was sprayed in the walls. This will ensure that the rooms stay warm, the noise stays in, and the costs stay low. 
The windows are all finally fitted and installed, and the exterior linings will soon be competed. The exterior of the building is on its way to looking young again, and once the doors are finished being installed, it will look beautiful once again.
A mailing was recently sent to all the brothers, and we hope that everyone received it. If you did not get it, the gist of the message was this: the project is moving, but we still have not finished fundraising, and we need your help. It is up to all of our brothers to help complete this project. So, if you have yet to give, please do now. We are counting on you!


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01/09/2017 12:59am

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01/20/2017 6:40pm

I'm excited for the final look of Fiji house! I'm glad that you already passed the inspections in electrical and plumbing, it's a good sign that we will proceed with the actual construction of the house! Looking at the photos, it makes me curious how these things were made possible. I'm not into engineering nor architecture that's why I'm so amazed with this one. But seriously, I believe Fiji house is going to be a promising one!


Thanks for the valuable feedback. I think that strategy is sound and can be easily replicable. Great posts. I love this article.

05/12/2017 2:41am

It looks like still a lot of work there! What you need to do now?


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