The House is coming to life. It is not quite there yet, but as you can see from the pictures, the rooms look like real living spaces.
Here is the room that was once part of the Pig Pen, at the southwest corner of the second floor, although I'm sure it went by many names in its life. The walls have been put up and puttied, the wood floors have been installed, and soon the fine carpentry will begin. Other rooms on the second floor will soon follow its lead. Below is a picture of the large bathroom on the second floor, which will begin tiling soon.
As soon as the floors are laid on the second level, the third will begin. Below are some rooms on the third floor. In the distance in the second picture, you can see into the shared bathroom of the suite.
The basement floor is in the process of being dug out and will be relaid in the next few days. The floor will be perfectly level and even, and the basement will be fully finished soon enough. The days of mold and mushrooms in the basement are well behind us.
It is amazing to see the progress that has been made, and we plan to have advanced even further in the next week. We have been grateful for all the support that brothers have given. However, we still have a costs that we need to meet, and everyone's support is crucial to make this project a success. Please, if you have not yet donated, now is the time we need your help most. The undergrads are counting on you, their brothers, to help provide a good, safe Chapter House where they can begin to Revitalize Chi Upsilon. 


12/01/2016 1:48am

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01/06/2017 6:35pm

I think sooner or later you will be able to make this house a useful and beautiful one. It was really nice to know that there are any people who are helping to make this project possible. I would really like to know how I can help too. But for now, I am really glad you are making things possible for those who are in need. Thank you for this.

12/12/2016 4:12am

I think that it would turn out to be a beautiful Chapter House for the undergrads. They should thank those people with good hearts who have donated to make this project possible. And to really show their appreciation, they must really take good care of the Chapter House by implementing strict rules and regulations. I hope that more people would help you. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon.

12/22/2016 11:27pm

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12/29/2016 6:05pm

Nice work is going on here, am so impressed to see the rooms which are suspicious. The photographs show the work is yet to be completed, but the out look is very impressive. Nice job good designing and construction.

01/03/2017 11:56pm

A very well written post...never read such issue before. Thanks fo informing.

02/10/2017 10:03am

The days of mold and mushrooms are the worst things for me because it takes much time for the removals.

07/11/2017 8:54pm

I love seeing photos of renovations and construction. It gets me excited about the actual finished look of the house. May I ask if you have a sketch of what you imagine the interiors would look like? What color will the walls be painted? What is the target date of completion for this project? How many people can this house accommodate? I wish you good luck on the construction of the house. I cannot wait to see it when it is finished. Please post the before and after pictures once it is done.

08/06/2017 11:08pm

Looks like they need some more days to complete.


Rooms are taking good shape.


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