Nov 09

The House is Finally Complete!!!

I’m sure you have heard the great news, brothers! The House is fully renovated. We have a fully functional fraternity house with all new amenities. The front walkway looks beautiful. The backyard deck and patio are amazing. There will be a bright future for the Chi Upsilon Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Take a look at some of these pictures.


We thank everyone who has contributed to the Revitalize Chi Upsilon Capital Campaign for helping to make this a success. Although the work is done, the bills are coming due, and keeping the House in this beautiful condition will not be free. We ask that all those who have pledged to the Campaign give the remainder of their gifts to the “Midway Educational Foundation”, a 501c3, as well as anyone who would still like to make a contribution. We could not have completed this so necessary renovation without all your help.